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Anglia Examinations in 2014/2015

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, the old-style unrevised papers were still being used in conjunction with the new, revised papers while we continued the changeover,  the old logo and branding were still in place in most areas, and our relationship with Aim Awards had only just come to fruition with full Ofqual qualifications for the top four levels of the examinations.  

Now, the new branding is in place everywhere, the revised papers are being used in all our centres worldwide, we have launched a new website and Aim Awards is firmly established as our awarding organisation and excellent partners. There has even been another AIM Awards Anglia Examinations qualification accredited with Ofqual in the last few months: the speaking test assessor certificate. The first registrations for this will be in February 2016 and we hope to make it available to all our speaking test assessors in the coming years as part of a campaign to ensure the quality of our assessment of candidates’ skills continues to develop and improve.





Key facts

·         Total registrations rose by 6.28%

·         19 countries saw an increase in the number of registrations

·         There were four new countries who had registrations for the first time: Mexico, Romania, Slovakia and Greece

·         The fastest growing  areas are: Italy, Taiwan, South America and the Netherlands

·         The total number of scripts/assessments marked and moderated was over 99,500

·         Over 100,000 papers were printed, boxed and dispatched  

·         The total number of separate tests written, illustrated, recorded, edited, proofread, formatted and sent for print production was 347

·         In addition to the exams, nine of the ten possible levels of the Step To books have now been published; the final level, First Step, is due in April 2016.  The Step To books are now a very significant  support material for the core tests





Teddy Bear Walk Cyprus

On Sunday 15th November in Limassol, the teddy bear walk took place in Cyprus. We, Anglia HQ and Anglia Cyprus are very proud to have sponsored the event. It was a huge success with more than 1000 participants. 100% of the money raised will be donated to Save the Children's Child Refugee Crisis Appeal and all teddy bears collected will be sent to refugee children in Cyprus and Greece. 










Thank you for your support

At the end of this busy and successful year, we would like to thank everyone who works so hard for Anglia Examinations around the world and wish you all a very happy Christmas (for those who celebrate it) and a very happy and prosperous New Year. See you next year!





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